1939 - 1945

The above illustration is an extremely rare No 1 Signal Company first design cap badge in sheet brass for other ranks. There was also a sheet silver version of this badge for Officers.

 According to Radford's book, "Service Before Self", the No 1 Signals Company was raised at the BSAP depot in Salisbury in November 1939 and was a training unit formed with 52 Officers and men but did not get the official title of No 1 Signal Company until 1941. The above illustration I believe was the first design badge used in 1939 by the then training unit.

 The original sheet metal badges were hand made by Keays, Jewellers of Salisbury, Rhodesia. and were very few in number due to the initial size of the unit. The collar badge of the Company again is brass and silver can be seen elsewhere on this site. As time went on and the number of personnel grew, the collar badges were used as cap badges as I believe these were a struck item. There was also an arm badge of the same Zimbabwe Bird and Flags.

 My grateful thanks go to Mike Rowan who very kindly photographed the above badge and allowed me to use it in the web site.