1965 - 1980

I make no apologies whatsoever in illustrating the above Rhodesia Corps of Signals Officer's Bullion collar badge as an unofficial beret badge.

This is the only badge I currently have in this collection that does not carry the Corps of Signals backing colours for display purposes. The reason for this is to illustrate that the badge is indeed attached as a badge in its own rite to a beret, which can quite clearly be seen.

The beret was used during the Rhodesian Bush War as it was known at the time but also known as the Second Chimurenga. which was a guerrilla war of 1966 -79.

An example of this badge appears in Cliff Lords new book on the Royal Corps of Signals Unit Histories of the Corps (1920-2001) and its Antecedents SUPPLEMENTARY VOLUME. The notation reads.            

"Rhodesian Corps of Signals wire woven beret badge and mess dress collar badge".

Good enough for me !