1940 - 1945

Although this badge of the South African Signal Corps looks to be made of white metal, it is in fact a Brass badge that has been Chrome Plated. This was a common practise during world war two by some signallers. It saved them from having to polish their badge

The photograph below is from the collection of Mr Dudley Wall, author of Insignia & History of the Rhodesian Armed Forces 1890-1980. He advises me it was worn by a South African signaller who was serving with 6th S.A. Armd. Div. in Italy in 1944.

Most interesting is the Balkie Bar under the badge which is in reality a cut down signals pith helmet flash. This started when the beret was introduced during WW11. After the war the tradition continued when the bars were made of medal ribbon material and then until 1983 plastic & metal bars.

Courtesy Dudley Wall Collection