1980 - 1994

The School of Signals was originally one of the first three branches to be part of the South African Military School (Later College) from it's inception on the 1st October 1913 along with the General Branch and the Musketry Branch at Tempe. And was called the School of Signalling.

In 1920 the College was re-established at Roberts Heights (Now Vootrekkerhoogte) and designated the South African Military School. On the 1st July 1924, it became the South African Military College.

In 1940 the Signals Branch moved from the college to Potchefstroom where it became the Signals Training Centre, this name being changed to the School of Signals in 1944. In 1946 the School of Signals moved back to the college and yet again back to Potchefstroom in January 1947.

The above illustration shows the Button badge of the School of Signals above the outstretched hand of Jimmy. Again this button badge disappeared in the mid 1990's.