LATE 1970's


The above illustration is one of the three scaled down versions of the original Bi-Metal Signals cap badges.

The first version was a small Bi-Metal design that although having the Balkie badge, did not have a Button badge at the top as the button concept was not in use when it first appeared.

The second version of this badge can be seen elsewhere on this site and was of a Chrome appearance.

The above is the third version of the three scaled down badges and is in a Grey/Black Metal which replaced the Chrome version which was deemed to blend too much into the background of the sand coloured beret it was worn on.

The last two versions of the scaled down badges were worn with Button and Balkie badges and in the above illustration it is the Eastern Transvaal lion, as this province embraces the Kruger Park Game Reserve and is one of the few places left where the lion still roams free.

My grateful thanks goes to Mr Steve Seargent of SABADGES for his invaluable information regarding scaled down badges. As well as Andrew Dinnes for the button information.