1903 - 1923


The Transvaal Signalling & Field Telegraph Section was formed in 1903 and was administered by the Transvaal Light Infantry and known as the Transvaal Light Infantry Telegraph Company until it's disbandment on 1st July 1907. The Transvaal Light Infantry Telegraph Company then became the Transvaal Field Telegraph Section.

In August 1908 the Transvaal Signalling Company and the Transvaal Field Telegraph Section were fused into one Company under the designation Transvaal Signalling & Field Telegraph Company. On 1st July 1909 this Company was enlarged and became a Corps. By 1910 it had a strength of fifty.

On 30th September 1914 the Transvaal Signalling & Field Telegraph Corps along with the Natal Telegraph Corps were incorporated into the then new South African Field Telegraph & Postal Corps which itself was disbanded on the 30th September 1915. However, the Natal and Transvaal Signalling units names were retained and not disbanded until the advent of the South Africa Corps of Signals (ACF) on 1st November 1923.

There were three versions of the Transvaal Signalling & Field Telegraph Crops badge. One was of solid silver for Officers and the other two which are illustrated above were of white metal and bronze. This design of badge has been used by other units of the period with slight differences in quality and also with additions in design that may be seen elsewhere on this site.