1939 - 1947


The Burma Military Police commenced training wireless operators for the Army in 1930 and by 1934 a very comprehensive wireless network was established. which was manned mainly by Indian or Burmese personnel from the Burma Military Police.

Early in 1939 approval was given to raise the Burma Army Signals , the establishment of which was to be completed by August 1941. Between April and September 1940 Burma Army Signals was enlarged to meet the demands of the expanded Field Army.

For the first year the Burma Army Signals consisted of a cadre of British and Burmese Officers and NCO's while training new recruits took place. By the end of 1941, the Burma Army Signals consisted of more than 400 personnel.

The above illustrated badge of the Burma Army Signal lasted until the country gained full independence on 4th January 1948 and became known as the Union of Burma.