1943 1954

Prior to the 19th October 1943 when the Ceylon Signal Corps was formed as part of the Ceylon Defence Force (CDF). The responsibility for all communications within Ceylon was undertaken by the Corps of Ceylon Engineers and consisted of just two companies within the CDF. These became known as the Ceylon Defence Force Signals.

 In 1944 two more companies were raised within the Ceylon Corps of Signals and both Indian Signal Corps and Royal Corps of Signals personnel worked very closely together.

 The CDF was disbanded on the 11th April 1949 and under Army Order No 17 of 1949 was reconstituted as the Ceylon Volunteer Force. From this time until 1954 the above Ceylon Signal Corps cap badge was worn and was changed in 1954 to the Royal Corps of Signals cap badge.

 Ceylon became independent in 1972 and was named the Republic of Sri Lanka. It was not until 1982 that the Sri Lanka Corps of Signals cap badge changed to the version that can be seen elsewhere on this site.