1950 - CURRENT

Hyderabad from 1724 to 1948 had been a completely autonomous princely state of south-central India ruled by a hereditary Nazim. When India became independent on 15th August 1947, the Muslim Nazim refused to accede to the Indian Union although his country and 18 million subjects were completely surrounded.

The resulting standoff ended with the state's occupation by Indian troops on the 13 - 17 September 1948 and its subsequent incorporation as a state of India.

When the Indian Signal Corps was completely 'Indianised' on the 26th January 1950 and re-designated Indian Corps of Signals, a number of Indian State Forces (ISF) were not part of the Corps.

At this time the 'Princely State of Hyderabad' became a completely autonomist Non Indian State Force Signals Unit.

The size of the unit was probably no bigger than a Signal Squadron. However, the Hyderabad Army Signals Section is believed to be the only Non Indian State Force Signals Unit with its own cap badge as illustrated above.