The above illustration is that of His Exalted Highness, The Nizam's Hyderabad Army Signal Section. The date of this badge is unknown to me but the design is consistent with the British Royal Corps of Signals 1921 version and also the 1934 Indian Signal Corps badge.

As can quite clearly be seen the badge is of the roundel design with the figure of “Mercury” as the centre piece with the wording within the circlet of Army Signal Section. Where there is a crown on the Royal Signal badge of the time and a Star of India on the Indian Signal Corps badge at the top, this version has the SHAHI DASTRA (Royal Turban) at the top and a motto at the bottom with the wording H.E.H The Nizam's H.A. (Hyderabad Army). The Royal Turban is consistent with most of the Nizam's Forces badges.

From it's inception in 1724 until 1948 there has been seven different Nizams who were complete rulers of the Princely State of Hyderabad until it was annexed by the Union of India on 23rd September 1948.

The rule of the Nizam ended as such in 1950 when he was made Raj Pramuku or Governor which lasted until 31st October 1956 where upon this role ceased and the Princely State of Hyderabad was divided into the Indian States of Telangana, Karnatka and Maharashtra.