1947 - 1949



When the sub continent of India became independent in 1947, the Corps became completely 'Indianised'. and this meant the change of design of the cap badge from the old 1934 pattern badge to the illustration shown above. This particular design as can quite clearly be seen is a two piece version of the Corps cap badge.

This new badge was very similar to the new Royal Signals badge. The whole crest was surmounted by a detached five point star known as 'The Star of India'. The original  motto of the Indian Signal Corps 'CERTA CITO'  was translated into TEZ O SAHIH and in 1949 the motto was changed to TEEVRA CHAUKAS. The script on either side of the globe is in Devnagiri .

On the 26th January 1950 when India had attained full sovereignty, the Indian Signal Corps was re-designated the Indian Corps of Signals.