The above illustrated badge is that worn on the Cross Sash by the Drum Major of the Indian Corps of Signals Band. There are also versions of this badge which are worn by Instructors  of No.1 Signal Training Centre in Jabalpur, India on their Cross Sashes as can be seen in the photograph below taken in 2011. The device is some four and a half inches tall and is of bullion wire and silk manufacture on a red felt backing.

 I believe that this badge would have been worn by the Drum Major as part of the insignia worn on the Drum Major's Cross Sash, as depicted in the photograph below taken in 2011 of the Indian Corps of Signals Pipe Band Drum Major.

 I was lucky enough to obtain this device from Cliff Lord co-author of the book The Royal Corps of Signals Unit Histories of the Corps (1920-2001) and its Antecedents. Cliff obtained it from a Canadian diplomat friend of his who himself was a collector and obtained the badge whilst on service in Delhi in the 1980's.

 At the time of writing it is interesting to know that there are some 50 Bands and 400 Pipe Bands in the Indian military.