1994 - CURRENT

The above illustration depicts the new design of the Royal Signals Regiment cap badge of the Royal Malaysian Corps of Signals. The Royal title being given to the Regiment on the 7th June 1992. The wording around the circlet is Rejimen Semboyan Diraja (Royal Signals Regiment).

This cap badge has virtually reverted back to the design of the old Federation of Malaysia Corps of Signals badge dating back to 1955 with the Royal Malay Crown at the top and the Sea Tern in the middle. The only change is the name around the circlet to Rejimen Semboyan Diraja.

Although I have requested further information from the Malaysian Embassy in London as to the exact date of the change over from the Army cap badge as ruled by the Army Dress Committee in 1974 to the present day badge. I have been unable to obtain the information to date.