1966 - CURRENT

Formerly known as 4th Malaysian Signal Squadron as part of the Malaysian Armed Forces. Singapore broke away from the Federation and on the 1st March 1966 the 1st Singapore Armed Forces Signal Corps came into being as part of the Independent Republic of Singapore. 

It was stated in the Army Board Instructions (15th Jan 68 Edition), that collar badges be worn to indicate the servicemenís vocation. The badges were worn in pairs on each collar of the No 1,2 and 3 Dress.  Over a two-year period starting on 1st July 1982 to allow for the running down of existing stock a new No 3 uniform was introduced. At the inception of this new uniform the old collar dog badges were phased out. 

With the advent of the Army Culture and Experience (ACE) movement in 2004 aimed at giving servicemen a good feeling and passion in what they were doing and feel proud of the army. In 2005 at the Army Commanders Forum new arms badges were introduced. At this time a single collar vocation badge to be worn on the right collar was introduced to show the arm of service the wearer was serving in. 

Service collar badges are still worn in pairs on the No 1 Ceremonial Dress for the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and below.