1906 - 1912

Before the advent of self-contained signals units, the compliment of signallers was on a regimental basis, each unit having on its establishment a proportion of regimental signallers. 

After the inception of the Commonwealth Forces, an “Australian Corps of Signallers” was formed on the 12th January 1906. This Corps remained as a self-contained unit, until the introduction of universal training in 1911, when it was merged with Australian Engineers. 

In 1912, signals troops and companies formed a sizeable portion of the Corps of Australian Engineers and to this end on the 12th July 1912 the Australian Corps of Signallers merged into the Royal Australian Engineers and became Signal Engineers. 

The situation changed in 1921 with the introduction of the divisional organisation and terms like “Cav Div Sigs” and “Div Sigs” appeared for the first time and Signals units were separated from the Australian Corps of Engineers. On the 1st January 1925, the Australian Corps of Signals was formed.

Sgt. John Burton Grierson 1875-1957