1914 - 1918


 Although on the fringe of this sites collection definition, I am more than happy to include this badge within its confines. 

Specialists were trained as Machine Gunners and Signallers. The actual unofficial cap badge as depicted above was only ever worn in New Zealand and on the troop ships. Once the soldier arrived at Sling Camp in England, these badges were replaced by the badge of the unit to which the soldier was posted to. 

The above illustration made of brass was one of three patterns that were used. The other two being of Bronze and a bi-metal version of brass and white metal. The size of signal flags differed depending on which version was used and in this case it was a pair of large signal flags. 

During the time that this badge was unofficially worn, the regular New Zealand signallers would have worn either the New Zealand Post & Telegraph Corps badge or the Infantry Mounted Signals Corps badge.

    First Design (Cap and Collars)                           Second Design (Cap Only)                            Third Design (Cap and Collars)


Badges Courtesy of Brent Nunns