1955 - CURRENT

On the 10th November 1948, His Majesty King George VI conferred the title 'Royal' on the Corps hence giving it the name of the 'Royal Australian Corps of Signals'. This day is recognised as 'Corps Day' and commemorations and functions are held as near as possible to the 10th November each year.

As with other countries who had Queen Elizabeth II as their monarch on the death of His Majesty King George VI in 1953. The design of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals badge was changed to the design of the cap badge that was approved in 1946 but was never actually issued or officially worn.

The Crown on the original design was changed from a Tudor Crown to a St Edward's Crown and the heraldic description of the new cap badge was as follows:-

'The figure of Mercury on a globe bearing the motto 'Certa Cito' and a boomerang below bearing the inscription 'Australia'. The whole is surmounted by a crown detached. Mercury and the globe are in silver, the remainder in gilt. Mercury is facing to the right'.