1960 - 1967

I have already made note of the Clan Grant Plaid Brooch that is worn by the Queens Gurkha Signals Corps of Pipes and Drums and the Junior Leader's Regiment, Royal Corps of Signals in a separate entry on this web site.

The above illustration shows the embellishments worn by the Junior Leader's Regiment, Royal Corps of Signals Pipe Band from it's inception in 1960 until the Regiment was disbanded in 1967. This form of dress was introduced by the founder of the band being the C.O. of the Regiment at the time Lt. Col. L.H.M Gregory MBE. and was also the founder of the Queens Gurkha Signals Pipe Band in 1952.

The embellishments that are worn by Senior Pipe Sergeant Rod Mathieson as well as members of the 1967 Disbandment Pipe Band in the photos below are the Baldric Belt (Cross Belt) the Clan Grant Plaid Brooch a Rolling Thistle Belt Buckle and a Black Silk Rosette with the Signals Badge in the centre that was worn on the Glengarry cap with a pair of nine inch cock feathers.

This particular Plaid Brooch and the Pipers Silver Sleeve badge shown in the illustration above were kindly given to me for display on this web site by David "Ginge" Berresford who was Pipe Major of the Pipe Band from April 1965 until his passing out parade in August 1965. Thank you David so much.