2003 - 2009

The above illustrated Plaid Brooch depicting "Jimmy" mounted on a Celtic Cross was initially brought to 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment (V) by Pipe Major John Taylor who went on to become the Corps Pipe Major.

 John joined the army in 1976 as a junior entrant and continued in service with the colours until 1993, whereupon he left for service with the T.A. He served with the RLC and 40th (Ulster) Signal Regiment and then went on to be Pipe Major of 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment (V). It was at this time when he left Belfast that he took with him several accoutrements that were never actually passed by the Corps Dress Committee. He was heavily involved in forming the Royal Signals Corps of Pipes and Drums and left in February 2008 as Corps Pipe Major to serve with 19th Regiment Royal Artillery. (The Highland Gunners).

 From March 2008 until April 2009 Warrant Officer Class 1 (Foreman of Signals (Information Systems)) (Now Captain) Billy Wardrope took over as Corps Pipe Major and also wore the Plaid Brooch as depicted above. Billy relinquished his post to Pipe Major to John Scott in 2009 when 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment (V) no longer had the responsibility of the Corps of Pipes and Drums as they moved to Blandford in Dorset as the Royal Corps of Signals Corps of Pipes and Drums.

 Both Pipe Major Taylor and Pipe Major Wardrope can be seen in the photos below wearing the Pipe Major's Plaid Brooch as illustrated.