CIRCA 1980'S TO 1996

The above illustration depicts the Plaid Brooch worn by Piper's of the Army Apprentice College, Harrogate Pipe Band from the very early 1980's until the College was disbanded in August 1996.

This Plaid Brooch was worn for a period of time in the very early 1980's with the 1970's version of the brooch (Shown elsewhere on this site) but eventually became the College Plaid Brooch in its own right as stocks of the old brooch ran down. As can be seen this College Plaid Brooch consists of a Plain Chrome quoit with a Scrolling Thistle Circlet the whole of which is centred with a St Andrew's Cross.

The photo below shows the Apprentice Tradesman Pipe Major taken in 1985 wearing the College Plaid Brooch and Piper's Embellishments. The Pipe Band wore the Black Watch Tartan and Plaid.