2009 - CURRENT


From the 30th September 2009 the Corps of Pipes and Drums of the Royal Corps of Signals became a Pipe Band in it's own right based at Blandford in Dorset. This was after the final disbandment of the Pipes and Drums of 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment (V).

 The above illustration is a down sized (For display purposes only) set of Embellishments that the Corps Pipers currently wear displayed on the Grant Tartan which again the Pipers alone wear in ceremonial dress.

 This display consist of a Bladric Belt (Cross Belt) and Buckles. Attached to the belt can be seen at the top left, a large Chromed Royal Corps of Signals badge and to the centre a Chromed Glengarry badge consisting of a Signals badge around which is a Buckled Garter.  Top right hand side is a Royal Signals Plaid Brooch.To the bottom left hand corner is a large Royal Signals badge which is used as a kilt pin. The Glengarry badge that the Corps currently use, I have displayed elsewhere on this site.

 I am advised that in future Pipers will wear a rear facing pipe ribbon of Hunting Green Ogilvie Tartan in honour and recognition of past affiliations with 52nd (Lowland) Signal Regiment. This being their Tartan.