JAN 1963 - DEC 1964

It was decided that the White Regimental Parade Belt that was worn by the Regiment up to and including the Passing Out Parade of December 1962 be changed. As from January 1963 the Parade Belt worn by the Regiment would be of Black Leather with a Brass Centre depicting Mercury and surrounded by the Corps Motto of Certa Cito. An illustration of this belt is shown above.

This item of dress was in actual fact not an issue item but a Private Purchase item from the Regimental Bursar. Every member of the Regiment had to purchase one of these belts (No excuses). The cost at the time was fifteen shillings and the money was taken out of the individual soldiers pay. Upon leaving the Regiment when graduating to the Colours the individual had the choice of keeping the belt or selling it back to the Bursar for ten shillings. The difference in price went into Regimental funds.

The last time that the Black Leather Belt was worn was for the Passing Out Parade on the 15th December 1964. After this date the Regiment reverted back to the Khaki Webb Belt. I have been most fortune to have been given the Black Leather Belt that appears in the illustration above by Chris (594) Jones who kept his belt and has been the custodian of it for 54 years until he gave it to me in November 2018 for display on my web site. Thank you Chris once again.

The two photos below show members of Quadrant Troop wearing the belt and also members of the December 1963 Passing Out Parade being inspected by Major General Sir William A. Scott KCMG, CB, CBE. Master of Signals.