1908 – 1948


The Oxford University Officers’ Training Corps (OUOTC) was one of 23 such bodies formed at universities in Great Britain following the establishment of the Officers’ Training Corps (OTC) by Royal Warrant in 1908.  

The formation of the OTC brought existing University Rifle Volunteers Corps and School Cadet Corps into one corporate body. At Oxford this meant that the Oxford University Rifle Volunteer Corps (OURVC) now formed the basis of the Oxford University Officers’ Training Corps. 

In 1908, the newly formed OUOTC was based in premises at 9 Alfred Street, Oxford with the University Delegacy for Military Instruction. It was not until 1922 that the OUOTC Signal Section was issued with the badge illustrated above. This of course was after the inception of the Royal Corps of Signals in March 1921.

  The badge was worn by OUOTC Signal Section up to 1948 when the Senior Division of the OTC were reorganised and became part of the Territorial Army. This resulted in a name change to ‘University Training Corps. This new title remained until 1955 when the term ‘Officer’ was reinstated and it once more became University Officer Training Corps.